Our client, a pharmaceutical advertising agency, was running account-based marketing campaign to educate cancer treatment centers about a new drug.  The campaign served banner and native ads to targeted accounts using two list-match vendors. Media drove to a website where accounts were identified using KickFire. Engagement was measured through Google Analytics.


When the campaign was over the client was having a difficult time developing the analysis. They had data on over 6 million impressions from four different vendors. Because they didn’t identify KPI’s up-front the data from the vendors was incomplete and inconsistent relative to time frame.  And, of course, they were 5 days out from their client’s annual review.

Opptymized Analysis

Our first step was to discuss the original goals of the campaign to determine the appropriate KPI’s. At the same time, we began cleaning and harmonizing the data to put it into a repository, in this case Spotfire.  We also identified gaps in the data to help shape the analysis.

Our initial measurements showed that banner ad clickthrough rates exceeded benchmarks and drove a significant increase in site traffic coinciding with the start of the campaign. 

Constant communication with the client helped them understand the campaign’s performance and drove deeper analysis showing that the campaign also engaged oncology practices associated with the targeted accounts: information that could be used to target the sales force. 

Account Based Marketing Analysis

When the client was satisfied that they had their story, we provided a full report and a complete set of presentation-ready graphics.


Our client’s annual review with their customer went very well. For 2020, using guidance provided by Opptymized analysis and insights, the client is doubling down on the campaign and working to create a near real-time dashboard to help direct the sales force to engaged accounts.

Richard Durishin is a VP at Opptymized where he heads up their Agency Services Division. Dick has spent over 20 years as a marketing professional on both the client and agency sides.

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